No scheduled usb backups - workaround idea - test is open


i just checked the function when the usb plugged in to start the usb backkup job.
Now i will test and use a WIFI power plug and connect an USB power adapter.
On the USB adapter i connect an Usb 3.0 hub and connect my EX2 ultra and harddisk on it.
I can program the WIFI plug to switch on weekly one or two time with a time.
I hope it works. Waiting for WD for nearly 2 years to program the schedule usb backups is not ok for me.
But the speed is really awesome. Even the backup Nas to USB HD it is 100 MB/s ! Means 45 GB in 10 Min !
I am so happy after my disaster with another brand.
Keep you updated.

Best regards Cris

This is an interesting workaround. It has given me an idea for something else.

I like your thinking on this as well. I (and MANY others) have been suffering from the problem of USB backups not functioning reliably and I like the idea of taking them out of the hands of the supplied processes. Note, the supplied process doesn’t work with large data sets sue to a timeout problem in the Linux commands used. I have searched for a resolution, but as of this writing none is posted although the problem has been acknowledged by WD Support for probably more than a year.

I like the idea of connecting a USB drive periodically as a way of creating an air-gapped backup of the NAS drive. Currently I use a manual switch to power on the USB drive, but I have often daydreamed about creating an Arduino switch to manage the function for me.

One consideration that has prevented me from doing this is the risk of turning off the USB drive while a write (or just a backup job) is underway. On the dashboard of the MyCloud Mirror is a USB symbol that enables you to dismount a USB drive before disconnecting it. I suggest you find a way to emulate this function, if you continue on your current path, to protect the USB drive’s integrity and to ensure that the backup has actually completed prior to disconnect.