No Safepoints visible after successful restore from a...Safepoint

Any ideas folks?

  1. Successfully created a Safepoint.
  2. Did a Quick Reset - worked…empty NAS.
  3. Did a restore-from-Safepoint through the Dshboard Restore button - it asked for location, found it on attached USB
  4. Restore from Safepoint worked - all shares back.
  5. Click on “Safepoints” in Dashboard - says “No Safepoints” - doesn’t find the one on the attached USB that it’s just restored from.

It’s definitely still there.

So is that no longer a real/valid/whatever Safepoint on the attached USB any more and I have to create a whole new one now? Or is there a way to re-instansiate the one I know is already there on the attached USB?




You could refer to the following link: