No root access on ssh

I can use ssh to log in with the sshd account, but I can’t get in using the root account, I have read that the password is supposedly welc0me but it doesn’t work.

I am at the firmware 1 step below the currently released version, with no plans to install it as doing so would remove nfs support which is more like a downgrade than upgrade.

I just want to install midnight commander to do file management from a shell instead of using the browser or having to load up windows and run the client software.

Can anyone let me know how I can get root access?


sshd user IS root user…a simple id command would have revealed you that. There is nothing that you can’t do as sshd, that the root user can. If you cannot do something as sshd, then root user can’t either. And that isn’t because of a permissions issue…it’s because there are certain areas of the firmware that are read-only.

And you mentioned being unable to install midnight commander. Well, first of all, do you know if you have the right binary? One that runs on an ARM chip and not Intel chips? Besides, I don’t know where you found a version of the software for the BusyBox OS.

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thanks, I did figure that out a bit after posting, but I still can’t do anything like adding repository to the sources, a lot of what I am reading seems to use debs built for raspberry pi, which can save a lot of time trying to find something for arm

but there are other problems now, it keeps disconnecting from the network and now one of the hard drives has gone bad, the root thing was just incovenient, but these other problems are enough to make me consider sending it back and it isn’t even a week old

but I won’t give up yet, the ex4 is a great idea, just a little bit half baked the moment, but its nothing that can’t be fixed with a little bit of “customization”

If you feel comfy doing customization, do know they provide the whole source code for firmware that you can compile yourself (instruction in the included readme file). It’s available from the download section of the site for the product. Just be aware, you are voiding your warranty by doing so.

  1. thanks again

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