No rollback because the is no new firmware icon

I want to roll back my firmawre because my WD TV live looses connection (perhaps network connection) to my QNAP NAS during playing audio files after 15 minutes or so. Playing videos files is O.K.

Network: wired gigabit network

Router: Fritzbox 7390

Firmware of WD TV live: 1.06.16 V

The WD Live plus box recognizes may usb stick but under settings there is no “new firmware” button. How can ich roll back my firmware?

You must download the firmware from the page below and follow the instructions.

The new firmware icon will appear on the main menu.

Thanks a lot. I did it and now the firmware 1.05.04 will be recognized. But the bug ist still there. The WD LIVE loose connection after 15 or 20 minutes when playing audio files from my QNAP NAS.

I can’t remember if this bug affects the Live / Live+ or not… 

But on the HUB, the SCREEN SAVER will stop audio playback if it’s set to anything except WD Logo.

I find the solution on myself. When the audio content is located in a password and account protected part of the network the playing of the audio files stops after a while. Now the audio files are located in the public directory and it works.