No retrieval of back up

Opening up Windows IE with or without enabling WD smart ware in services results in window which states: This application has encountered an unexpected error and is now exiting. Clicking on OK results in window: Runtime error Program C. This application has requested Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact support team or vendor for more information. Clicking on WD Smart Ware and WD Smart Ware Quick View results in windows which ask: Open or Save. Clicking on open results in nothing.

Contacting WD results in tech support telling me that WD is indeed on my HD and is the fault of Windows which does not recognize WD.

Attempting simple uninstall results in window stating: Set up was unable to automatically close all requested applications. Ensure applications holding files are closed before continuing install. Problem with windows installer package. Program for install could not run. Contact support and packaging vendor.

Unuable to use My Passport Essential. High disk usage results in slowing of CPU due to WD File Management Engine. Unable to uninstall even though all drivers and updates have been installed in order to be uninstalled.

Sledgehammer time.

Wait a second…uninstall to reinstall to unistall?!? You must not be very satisfied with Western Digital?!? Got any alternatives besides, “sledgehammer?” You did read about the numerous problems external hard drives have, didn’t you? Better purchase some other form of back up. Meaning no disrespect, but you probably need more hand holding.