No response when try to get to MEDIA SERVER


I need some ideas because its too weird…

My WD media player is pretty new and works great. Few days ago I tried to get into “media server” but nothing happens- no error massage, absolutely no response.

When the wireless is not connected i get a message that “the device cannot connect to the network” but when the wireless is connected and i try to click “media server” nothing is happen…

The network works great, because “network shares” is working

I reset to factory defaults but it did not help

Any ideas? Ii feel like I am missing something here


May be a dumb question:  Do you actually have any DLNA Media Servers running on your network?

I am not sur what is DLNA but i watched movies from my laptop and listened to music via “media server” so i guess i have one… mabe i need to update something somwhere?

OK now, I googled it and yes, I have DLNA Media Server, I am using windows media player (when I first connected with the WD it asked me if I want to share and I said yes and since then it was very easy to use… Until now any way

Thank uou TonyP for the tip

I still dont know what went wrong but i downloaded PS3 Media server and it works even better

Before i couls see only my USER`s files and now i can see my whole computer

All good! Thanks again