No replacement of WD live media player after 1.5 months

I had bought a live media player from the US about 2 months back. Now, I noticed that the HDMI input stopped working in the same and I was in India so I send the player for replacement to RT Outsourcing services…thats what WD’s website told me. They gave me an RMA no. 81670245. Now, its more than 1.5 months. All emails just give one reply…product is not in stock…all call center executives give the same reply…that i will get it in 2 days. If I send a mail to the US people, they just forward the mail to India and thats it. I am never ever going to buy a western digital product again and request everyone also not to do so. If they cant promise the warranty…whats the point of spending money on it. 


I can’t speak for the center in India, but i’ve had nothing but good experiences with WD’s warranty services in the US. I’ve been buying WD products for nearly 20 years, and have not once had anything more than a slight delay in getting a replacement - and that’s in the rare case (especially compared to some other drives I had foolishly tried) when a drive stopped working. Sorry to hear about your problems though.

Aardvark do you work for WD? I have never heard anything good about WD service? Look at this whole forum not one gram of tech support from WD, Mods are only police to take down posts that tell the truth about their lack luster service and poor quality of the WDTV live

Nice WD record time in taking down post

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