No RAID 1 option on Studio II drive manager

I have a brand new 2TB Studio II with the latest firmware and drive manager. My Mac runs OS X 10.8.2

The drive manager does not show RAID 1 as an option (regardless of whether I connect by Firewire or USB). The drive is now configured as RAID 0; there are no data on it.

I bought the Studio II in order to use it in RAID 1 for my iTunes music library (700GB).

How can I configure my Studio II as RAID 1?

try the link

Thank you for your suggestion.

I followed these instructions and now have an earlier release (v 2.2.6) of the drive manager than I had before (2.2.7). It is grayed out and does not do anything. It never installed into the applicartions folder.

Please tell me how to uninstall this piece of software.

Check the link and also did you updated the firmware of the drive already?

Thank you very much for your prompt and helpful follow-up.

I now have Drive Manager v3.0.1 and used it to configure the drive as Firewire RAID 1.

When I ran the Firmware Updater I received a message to the effect that the firmware on the drive is the same as on the updater.

I really appreciate your assistance.

Would it be prudent to buy a spare drive now just in case they are discontinued? What is the product number?

It should be the same model number of the drive inside the my book studio.


I will proceed according to Section 9 of the Manual and get this information.