No Public Folder via WD2go


I have recently purchased a 3TB MyBookLive and configured successfully.  I have also downloaded the WD 2go and WD Photos on my iphone and ipad.  The WD Photos app is working as expected but the WD 2go app doesn’t show any shares.  I can see the device and it shows as connected in the dashboard.  This applies to the iphone and ipad.

I was initially able to see the shares, but they disappeared and displayed a message stating the device is no longer available.  I haven’t changed any of the default settings and only have 1 user registered.

Please advise of the possible cause.


Parmjit Nar

Hello mate,

Have you tried uninstalling the application and installing that again?


It might be possible that your MBL is not connected to the n/w or it’s having slow internet connection. WD Photos app might be working from the photos cache on the phone. Just to make sure whether the issue is in WD 2go app or outside. Can you please go to WD Photos app’s setting screen and perform ‘clear cache’ which will clear the local cache on the phone. Then try accessing MBL from the WD Photos app. If this works, then we can say your n/w and MBL are fine and the issue might be in the WD 2go app. If WD Photos app fails to connect to MBL, please make sure you have proper internet connection. If none of these steps help. Try rebooting your Router and then MBL. If this doesn’t help too, please call WD customer support.