NO power when my passport ultra hooked to media player

I just bought a mypassport ultra for storing movies. I hooked the unit up to a Micca Speck 1080p Ultra Portable Dig Media Player. The hard drive power light blinks on and then goes off. The unit is then inoperable.

WD offered to send me a power cord to use, but that is not an ideal solution. Has anybody experienced this? Is there a fix, or possibly another unit that works with only the USB cable?

Thank you in advance for your help.

The WD Passport Ultra is a USB 3.0 device. All USB 3.0 devices need to be supplied with at least 900mA (0.9 Amps) from the USB port in order to operate unless they use an external power adapter. If your Media Player can not supply this amount of energy, then no USB 3.0 device that feeds off the USB port will work on it.

Check the power output of your Media Player, and if neded switch back to a hard drive that uses a USB 2.0 connection as it would need less power (500mA, 0.5 Amps), or any hard drive with a power adapter.