No PLC-link between units

For some reason there is no PLC-link between both units anymore.
When I’m trying to add second unit manually using WDL utility, second utility blinking few times and then I’ve got error message “Unable to set NMK of remote device”.
Please help

Hi dude, what if you try to manually sync the LWs again? o.o

HI there. I hope someone can help me.

I bought a pair of these units a few weeks ago.

Set up was easy. and it worked fine,

A few days ago it stopped working  “No plc link”

I have tried to resync but to no avail.

I have tried a reser, then resync this didnt work either.

I have tried different ethernet cables and different ethernet ports, but this didn’t help.

Can anybody help me please?

Thanks in advance

I have just encountered exactly same issue.

Havent installed the software, just hooked up 2 units and it worked fine off the bat.

Nothing changed in house, applicances and such, anything power related.

Then about 6-8 weeks later (few days ago), just stopped working, and no PLC-Link showing anymore. Have tried all the usual things like you say, no luck.

Strange how it stopped for no reason, is this perhaps a power surge killed something?

MIGHT be a power surge (though there are surge suppressors built into the box), or just more likely, one of the units is DEAD for any number of reasons.

I had the same problem with a set of units. Plc-link light went out and couldn’t get them working again. Sent back to Amazon and ordered a new pair. New pair worked straight out of the box and have just failed again in the same way. Will try a few more things but if no joy will replace yet again.

Same problem here. Brand new set, worked for approx 24 hours, then without apparent reason: no plc link. Happened after I accessed the units with the utility for the first time. How to get back in business?

A quick update. Before I swapped the unit again I phoned WD support. They suggested resetting and re-syncing which I had done to my hearts content with no success. The guy was as helpful as he could be I guess but he did say the main problem he sees is with the plc-link not working.

Anyway I have sent it back to Amazon and ordered a new set and should come tomorrow.

As an aside I found my router had a problem such that it wasn’t allocating IP addresses properly, my network printer was affected. I fixed that by resetting the router and the printer then picked up the correct IP address. I didn’t think this would affect the livewires as they are switches as far as I know and don’t have an impact on IP addresses. By the way both of my boxes lost their network connection.

When I’ve tried the new boxes, if the plc link drops out again I’ll try resetting my router to see if that fixes the problem.

So this is a “great” product… I lost a client with this product…

After 2 sets of units failing with no PCLINK my 3rd worked OK for about 4 weeks and then one of the PSUs failed. Sent it back and am now trying a completely different make