No "Play To" for media files on XP


TIA for your help.

I have a WD TV Live Hub connected wirelessly using wireless network adapter to my home network which consist of a desktop running on XP and a notebook running on Windoes 7. The desktop is connected by LAN cable to a 2Wire 2701HGV-E gateway.

When i click “My Network Places” on my desktop, i can see the WD TV Live Hub on my Local network.

My problem is that i am trying to play media files from my desktop to my TV via the Live Hub but i cannot see the “Play To” option beside my media files for me to play to the TV via WD TV Live Hub.

I have no such problem on my notebook running Windows 7.

That’s because Windows XP doesn’t have Play-To functionality. Thats a Win7 exclusive.

Thanks for the quick reply TonyPh12345… May i ask how then i may i play media stored on my desk top through the WD TV Live Hub to my TV? 

You connect to your computer from the WDTV via network shares. Obviously you need to put your media into a shared folder on your computer.