No pictures i folders on ipad


I loaded my cloud app for ipad and I can see the folders which I have created, but all the folders are empty.

I deleted and loaded this app now 3 times and nothing helps. I noticed that it updates with new folders (created via pc) but no pictures show up in the folders.

I also loaded WD my photo and there I find the pictures.

PS on my android telephone I see all folders including pictures.

What to do to get the ipad working?

Hello, from the iPad My cloud app, try clicking on the setting button and select the clear cache option. 


Sorry, this did not help. Any other suggestions?

Hi again, what picture format are you using (JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF, etc)? Have you also verified if the problem happens with all of the file types or just pictures? 


JPG and JPEG format.

I did not try PNG or GIF as I do not have these. I can try however.

Like i mentioned, i can see the pictures on my android phone.

I will do som more investigation when coming home again in the weekend

Ok, found out the following. the pictures stored under Public are NOT visible on the ipad.

But…there are visible when adding a new folder in the root and putting the pictures in there.

Why is that?

Have you tried creating a new folder with pictures inside the public folder to see if it’s recognized on the iPad? If the problem continues, I recommend you to contact support directly.