No Picture while WD TV system is running

hey there…need help on this one…

I’ve turned on my WD Live system…it’s connected via HDMI to my TV and also connected to an external HD…where all files are stored.

The TV will not show ant screen…?  I try to press the “home” button no responses…

I’ve tried the following;

1]  resetting unit by using paper clip on side of WD Live unit

2]  replacing HDMI cable

3]  using different port on my TV

no success…anyone had this issue before ?


Hi, have you tried using another HDMI cable?

yes tried replacing the HDMI cable…no success…

very puzzled on this one !!!


Ok, aside from HDMI cables you can also try composite or component cables, if that doesn’t work press the reset button on the side for 10 seconds.