No Photos Found being on Mobile devices after Firmware upgrade

After updating to latest firmware, all three mobile devices initiall showed the photos/fiels based on the stored cache and the photos could be selected on them, but after a minute the cache was updated/cleared and now all report no photos found.  All three devices (2 android and 1 IPad) can upload photos, but after uploading still “No Photos Found” is reported on connecting.

Rolled back to 2.07.17 and photos are reappearing in cache of all three mobile devices.

Did you wait long enough for the hub to rebuild the cache internally before you rolled back?

Upgraded on the  Nov. 23rd.  Rolled back today on Nov.  27.  That should have been long enough.

Any word on this issue?  Refreshing question.

I am having exact same problem did you find a solution?

I’ve also had the “no photos found” but managed to get it working yesterday. But I’m not sure how as I played around with fileshare permissions but I also turned off Mobile Sharing then turned it on again. Might be worth trying this.

The only problem that I now have is that the screensaver is not working. I suspect that a device reset might sort this but I’m reluctant to try as I don’t want to have to reconfigure everything.

Sunday, Jan 1, 2012: Thanks for your post. I did not think to try turning off  and turning on Mobile Sharing  after I lost access to my WDPhoto photos with Firmware v. 3.0.19.

  1. Can you specify the steps you took and when/how the photos came back into WPPhoto?

  2. Can you also specify what changes you made to FileShare and whether those steps happened before or after you turned OFF/ON Mobile Sharing?

Ken Leon

Ken - I don’t know what triggered it, but, as I said, I suspect it was turning off and on Mobile Sharing. The other thing I did was to change the file sharing settings, giving access to Everyone (using the pc) to the folders stored on the Hub. If you want to delve there you need to log on as Administrator. But if  you don’t feel comfortable making these changes I would leave it alone. Incidentally, I also set the cache to 3Gb.

Saying all that my week old Hub decided to bomb out last night. So I got it swapped out today and after spending all afternoon rebuilding it I’m having the same old  problem with WD Photos.

Good luck!


Wednesday, Jan 4, 2011: Thanks, Roly. I will check the items and actions you listed. For now, I am back to earlier firmware version [2.08.13] which was first offer of Mobile Services app. I plan to stay there until WD says a new version has fixed that specific issue with WD Photo app. At this point, I have access to my WD TV Live Hub photos via WD Photo app on my Android SmartPhone and my iPad 2. I hope for better offerings from WD in the mobile app arena. WD Photo is a great start!

Correction: My current firmware version on the WD TV Live Hub that works with WD Photo app on my mobile devices is 3.00.28.

I apologize for my error. Ken