No permissions on public folder - how to delete files?

A very annoying problem is that on the public share of the MBWE, you don’t have permisssion to delete files. So basically you put files on your MBWE, but in the end you cannot delete or handle them anymore. I don’t understand that such a basic handling is not supported by MBWE and  feel this device is quite useless.  Problems arise already if you want to sync with e.g. puresync your music and photos on the public share, but the name of some root files have changed.

I need the public share folder because with the twonky media server I can directly see photo’s and play music on my HD  TV. This was also prime reason to buy this device. Does anyone has a workaround to solve these problems, because I don’t expect that much effort from WD since this kind of topic is far by new.


I had the same problem. Here’s what to do, it worked for me.

If you want to delete the files that are already in the public folder, download an ftp client (I use filezilla) and type

host:     ftp://admin@ (ie “ftp://admin@”)

username:     (ie “admin”)


and press “Quickconnect” (in FileZilla).

Go to public folder, select the files you want to delete and press delete.

Good luck!