No permission to write to attached USB Drive

Hi everyone,

I just bought a WD TV and have attached a WD HD through the USB port on the back. My Mac sees the drive in Finder, but whenever I try to upload a new video, Finder tells me that I do not have permission to write to the folder on the USB HD. I used to have the same HD connected to my Apple TV and could access and upload files. I have changed the setup and hooked it up to my Time Capsule and even though that works, it is not my preferred setup.


1: Does anybody know what the login/password is to get access to that USB HD via the WD TV? I can get Guess access, but that probably caused the write access issue.

2: I used Cyberduck to upload files to the Apple TV. Anybody know if you can access the USB HD via a FTP setup? If so, what would be the ‘FTP URL’?



Hi rvdhout, welcome to the WD Community. You should be able to access the attached USB drive mounting it as guess, are you able to access the files in the USB drive if you connect it directly to the Mac? 

Hi Jebei04,

If I connect the drive directly to my iMac, I can read and write all folders. If I connect it to my WD TV, I can read the folders, but am not able to write. Little red stop sign on the folders.



Hi again rvdhout, see if the following link helps.