No permission to access

Hi all,

1.Had done about 100 gb data transfer but now can’t do it. I can see my could on my windows 10 laptop but can’t access.

It happen yesterday and was worked fine again for 3gb data. Tried again can’t access it again.

Can see what’s in their but to copy more. It’s coming with no permission to access message.

  1. Another thing it’s been more than 25 hours on rebuilding status. Is that some thing which is normal ?

Please help.
Thank you very much in advance.

@bhavinpujara Have you given your My Cloud a static IP address or reserved it on your router? Are you the owner and admin of your My Cloud?

What generation My Cloud do you have and have you read the User Manual? Use link below.

I am the owner & admin of the my cloud. It was working fine as I explain I been doing it since last a week of data transfer. Yesterday first time it has given me Trouble and the. Today it’s not getting connected. That LAN sign I am not getting.