No permission - Retrieving Files

So I just purchased a new computer with Windows 8. I had backed up my system previously and the tech was also able to pull some newer info off before the laptop hard drive crashed. I connected the hard drive and transferred over particularly my songs to import into iTunes. The files transferred properly, however, when I import the file or folder into itunes, there is nothing to it. If I choose to access a song or photo, it tells me that I do not have permission to access the file. I have found that if I go through the individual file and grant access, then import into itunes, it will add to my library and play. Obviously, with over 3,000 songs and over 30,000 files to retrieve, I cannot do this for every file.

How do you grant permission to the folder – subfolder – files?

Also, when I am choosing the files on my hard drive, so have a strikethrough script indicating they have been deleted? I can still transfer, grant permission and access the files though.

Help would be greatly appreciated. If I lost all this data, I would be devastated - songs and pictures all lost.

Thanks everyone and anyone!


You can try to take ownership of the whole folders. Take a look at this link:

I wasn’t quite able to follow the directions. I have Windows 8 running on my system.

It shows I have full control. Also, when I check the folder properties it shows that it is read-only mode. When I uncheck and apply, it removes the option. But when I check it again, it reverts right back to read only mode.

give this a try, it just worked for me with windows 10, took about 5 minutes to run but it works I can open my photo video and music and pdf files now

good luck