No "Other" Media Count on My Cloud (IOS) Apps

Have a 1TB MPW and love the idea of this product. As a photographer I use it to backup the contents of my SD cards (mostly Canon RAW files, but also some MOV files) while travelling. Am happy with the transfer process overall and once the files are on the MPW I can view them etc without a problem.

But the Media Count on the WD My Cloud (IOS) apps doesn’t provide an accurate control for checking whether all files have been successfully copied from the SD card to the MPW.

For example, if I transfer 30 .CR2 files and 1 .MOV file to the MPW, the Media Count on the Windows 7 GUI is reasonably accurate i.e.: Music = 0, Photos = 0, Video = 1, Other = 30

(although would be nice if the Canon raw files were recognised as “Photos”).

But the critical issue is that on both the iPhone and iPad My Cloud apps (v4.1.1) the Media Count only shows:

Music = 0, Photos = 0, Video = 1

i.e. there is no “Other” category, so there’s no way of telling how many “Other” files have been transferred without counting the actual files, which is impractical when dealing with hundreds or thousands of photos.

So my question: have I overlooked something or is it possible to update the apps and/or GUI as follows:

  1. Add an “Other” category to Media Count on IOS apps.
  2. Count .RAW/CR2 files under the “Photos” category for Media Count purposes.


It’s possible to check media count from the browsers control centre http://mypassport.local/UI/ (in my case, Safari on iPad). The default view shows capacity in memory used for each media but tap anywhere inside the capacity area and it changes to media count… Hope that helps.

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This also can be done on iPhone/iPad using My Cloud app:

On main screen tap the 3-bar menu

tap Settings find name of your Passport Wireless and tap it

You see capacity in GB, MB, etc

tap More in this menu

you see Media, and tap it

Now you see Media Count in number of files

“Now you see Media Count in number of files”

No, that’s actually the problem - the Media Count doesn’t show any “Other” files.

  No, that’s actually the problem - the Media Count doesn’t show any “Other” files.

Yes,  I see that Other does not show up under Media as I described above.  Nonetheless, it DOES show up under Media/Media Count when I look in Dashboard of PC or even when Dashboard is running on iPad/ or phone.  I see the MPW has 2809 “Other” files, although I have no idea what they could be since the number of music and video files appear OK, and the photo count is high, likely for all the art within the music and video files.

Anyway, if you need a count of Other, refer to the Dashboard.

Thanks, appreciate the feedback guys.