No option for WD_Black SN850 will not allow Product Registraion

I’m Building a new PC and every part I have registered through multiple different retailers has been 100% effort less. With Zero problems.

Until I try registering (2) OEM New WD_BLACK SN850 that purchased from BestBuy 29 days ago.

I setup an account with WD website / My Support / Product Registration

Product Type * (Only 6 products to pick from) ***I pick Other WD Products

WD My Passport SSD
Western Digital PC SN520
Western Digital PC SN720
WD Purple MicroSD
Easystore USB 3.0 Flash Drive
Other WD Products
WD ReadyView

Serial Number * Typed in the 12 numbers listed on the SSD where it says SN:

Purchase Date * 22-Jan-2021

Place of Purchase * Nationwide Retailer

Proof of Purchase * Best Buy SN850 receipt.jpg

Hit the Submit Button. And it gives me the error below

Please correct the following error(s): No results found.

With out highlighting what needs to be fixed or that is causing it to error out,

I have provided a screen shot of exactly what I was talking about above. Please note I cleared out the Serial Number and replaced it with XXXXXXXXXXXX

I would greatly appreciate any assistance that anyone would be able to provide. If WD products are not registered after 30 days from being purchased is they 5 year Warranty Expired?

Sincerely, Nick.D

OEM drives, from what I read, are not covered by WD. You have to deal with the seller, in your case BestBuy, for warranty issues. You can try going HERE and see if this is correct or not. This will check your warranty STATUS. This is why I buy directly from WD.

trying calling them or using chat. I finally got mine registered after 2 weeks of looking and dodgy answers from the company. Idk why they are acting so sus…

This is a known issue. I bought my SN850 drive directly from the WD Store and I still had to provide proof of purchase and it took about 2 weeks for them to manually register. Unlike registering all other products with a single S/N and purchase date, you need to provide proof of purchase, zoom-in of actual serial # sticker, shipping address, and date of purchase. I am guessing something weird is going on with SN850 drives.

Might be a dead issue by now, but I just registered my amazon purchased 850 on the first try with zero issues.