No Option Content info on shared Network Drive

Hi all,

For videos on my shared network drive, hitting the option button doesn’t give me Content Info. I’ve been looking for days for the answer and finally found a thread that mentioned the same problem but the answer stops sort of explaining all the way:

“The problem was related to the naming of each movie file. When I renamed each movie file to reflect only the movie name I was able to view “Content Info” without a problem.”

My movies do only have the movie name. I’m assuming the poster doesn’t mean removing the file extension-they wouldn’t work then right? I am able to use the various programs found on the forum for creating metadata but when I hear about people using the Content Info option, I can’t find it.




Yeah it is quite simple.

Lets say you have a Folder called “300”, you go into the flder and there is a movie called 300.mkv.

Once inside the folder. press option button, and the top of the list is Get Content Info.

Works on movies all in one folder as well of course.

P.s - obviously you have to be in the Video section as well.

Depending on how you have set up your hub you may find that you have to start playing the file before you see the ‘Get Content info’ in the options menu.

Also note that if you begin navigating into VIDEOs *before* the Media Library has COMPLETELY compiled, that option will NOT be shown.

Yeah, that was it. I don’t know any other way of setting up the hub, but I did get the option once I started the movie.