No network shares seen

Two Windows 7 Ultimate computers, one XP computer, one brother networked printer, Netgear router. I go to Video - Network Shares - and all it lists is READYSHARE and (of all things) the networked printer. Nothing else shows up. My 3 computers can see each other fine and can access each others shares with no problems. Why would the WD Live not see any of the shares across any of the computers? I did find the MS Live assistant installed on one computer and removed it but I can’t see that affecting the XP box.

I found I can send a video to the WD box using Play To feature. Found that on another post. Heh, did not know it would do that! So cool.

Removing that (stealth installed) Windows login assistant thingie lets me see one Win7 machine through the Media Server option. I am seeing why people buy Macintosh systems now.