No network shares or media servers on wireless laptop

I’ve had the WDTV Live HD for about a year now.  It was a bear to set up initially, but it was working fine until about a week ago.  Here’s my set up:

2wire DSL router from Bell Canada

WDTV Live HD (firmware 1.04.17_V); wired to router

Desktop PC with Vista; wired to router

Laptop PC with Vista; wireless

I keep video files on the laptop and stream them to the WDTV.  Starting about a week ago, when I go to Video --> Network Shares and hit enter or arrow right: nothing.  If I choose Media Servers, it will only recognize the Desktop.  Turned off wireless on the laptop and cabled it to the router, and then Media Servers shows laptop as well. 

WDTV internet connection is fine, passes “Check connection” and I can connect to internet media.

I have tried every setting I can think of on both the router and the WDTV, rebooted and reset the WDTV, but nothing will resolve either problem (no wireless connection, and no network shares either wired or wireless).

I’m only slightly techy…no actual IT experience, so I’m sure there something I’m missing.  Any help will be appreciated.  Thanks!

Check and see if you inadvertently turned off the radio  on the laptop.  I had a Lenovo once that I could switch off without noticing.  You can also check for proper operation of your wireless network adapter on the laptop using Control Panel>Device Manager.

Thanks…turned out to be my router was messed up…the one thing I didn’t check.  Reset it and now all is well.