No network every 2nd boot


I have had the wd hd tv live for a couple of months now. resently i have encountet a problem with the network.

Every 2nd time i boot it up there is no acces to my newtork (synology), it is not a joke it is every 2nd time. i boot it up = no network acces i turn it of and boot it up again, and bingo…acces to my synology.

i have tried different cable in different switch port with no luck

Any one have ideas

Gotta figure out the details.

On the boots that are NOT working, is the WDTV getting a correct IP address?

where is this info visible

Setup ?  there are no messeages directly on the screen

just cheked

i got this message, whe trying to acces my synology

“device could not connect to the network”

I think the IP information is in SETUP / NETWORK SETTINGS

I have a similar setup except with a Qnap.

I also get the problem, but mostly its just me trying to access it before it gets it network straight. It always shows the shares after I give it a second and try again (without rebooting it). Its possible that it works the second time because your router has just assigned it an IP the first boot, and is just telling the WDTV again as opposed to assigning a new one.

Try waiting 5-10 seconds and try the shares again without rebooting. If that works, it just means it takes the router and WDTV a few seconds to set up the IP-address Possible workaround for this would be to either assign it a static IP right next to what the router will dish out. E.g. if your router dishes out to, or would be safe bets.

Or tell the router to give your WD-tv a specific IP, this depends on your router and may or may not remedie the problem.