No network connection out of the box


Hoping someone has a magic solution to this.
Just pulled my new Wireless Pro out of the box; charged it up, turned it on but it doesn’t appear as a network on any of my i-devices.
After a couple of minutes I get all the leds flashing.
I there a way of resetting the device via the usb cable?


Did you even spend some time with the complete user manual before embarking on this? Check the manual for how to reset Sysrem Only to fix the red LEDs problem.


Oddly enough Mike . . .I did!
And the unit still didn’t appear on a network list, and all the LED’s flashed continuously after a couple of minutes
But thanks for condescending suggestion.


The MPW wifi signal will not show up on a network, but if connected to the home wifi it should show up in Network of File Mgmt program of computer’s OS

Edit: Also, perform the reset mentioned earlier. Do not format the MPW or anything else foolish.