No network activity monitor for wd my cloud?


Am I correct that there is no network activity monitor on the dashboard for the WD My Cloud (3 TB) NAS?
I see it on the dashboard for other types of WD NAS drives.
If that is so, is there a utility to monitor network activity and cpu/memory usage?

Thanks, Theo

i don’t think that there is something like that, if there is I would glad to install it for my 2TB My Cloud device…

What firmware does your My Cloud have? The older v4.x or the newer v2.x?

The v4.x does NOT have a Network Activity field on the Dashboard Home page. The v2.x apparently does.

And no one cannot upgrade the older v4.x My Cloud firmware to the newer v2.x firmware.

Thanks for your reply, I have firmware v04.04.03-113.
Are you sure it is as you say? I mean: it’s odd that 4.x is older than 2.x.
Could it be that it depends on the type of NAS you have and that the more basic ones have less functionality on the dashboard? I see this monitor on the dashboard of more expensive models.
Anyway: I’m not able to upgrade my firmware, it simply says I already have the most current.

Yes it is as I indicated. WD for what ever reason introduced this confusion. The stupid numbering confusion on the firmware is well discussed in several prior threads. The first generation My Cloud’s use the v3.x/v4.x firmware. The newer generation My Cloud uses v2.x firmware. The hardware between the two versions is slightly different which is probably one reason why one cannot update the older My Cloud (v4.x) to the newer second gen My Cloud v2.x firmware. The current v4.x firmware is 04.04.03-113 which was release on 5/23/2016.