No netflix or iplayer apps

Just got a new WD TV live streaming, its connected to my wifi, updated to the latest firmware. But i have no netflix or iplayer apps.

Any help in sorting this would be appriciated.

Are you in the UK?  If not, then iPlayer won’t appear on menu.

Even if it does, it doesn’t work correctly - all programmes cut-off before the end - BUG & not fixed.

Yes im in the UK, Both serveces work fine from my PC.

As my iplayer isnt working i cant check but didnt the last firmware update fix the stopping issue? Not that it matters as its Netflix i want more than anything.

One user reported no iplayer problems, but everyone else seems to have the cutoff issue no matter which firmware is used.

What works on your PC is no guide to what works on the WD!!!

Try an earlier firmware?

Not tried earlier firmware yet, will give that a try tonight.