No Netflix info overlay for WD TV Play

I was hoping that the WD TV play had the Netflix stream info overlay like this:

The PS3 and a Sony BDP that I own can both display this and I know that there are other non-Sony devices which display it.  I’ve read that you can get this on the WD TV Live by pressing the Options key while playing a title.  If I press the Options key while anywhere in the Netflix player it exits and returns to the page I entered from.  (EDIT:  It turns out that I wasn’t pressing the Options key, but Home :flushed:.  Pressing the Options key does nothing.

This feature was one of the things I most looked forward to from the WD TV Play.  I really like the video quality indicator (Low/SD, Medium/SD, High/SD, Medium/HD, High/HD X-High/HD); it lets me know whether the title has low quality video or the adaptive bit rate player is just stuck on a low quality video encode.  The realtime played/total time counter is useful as well.

Is this function available?  If not, I may return the WD TV Play and buy a refurbished WD TV Live at a similar price.