No Netflix Audio after playing Video -- must restart player

Firmware: 1.04.17_B, possibly earlier versions as well.

  1. Play a Netflix movie. Audio is fine.

  2. Leave Netflix, go start playing a video (mine are avi’s).

  3. Stop video playing after 20 seconds or so and go back to Netflix to play a movie.

  4. Netflix plays but NO AUDIO.  Must restart player to fix.

I’ve noticed if you go back and forth between playing Netflix and playing Video a few times the player hangs completely. The remote off-button doesn’t even work – you have to unplug the box.

Anyone else noticing this bug or variation?

Yes, this is happening to me too, going from pandora to netflix.

Live Plus, 1.04.17

Same Here. Switching from AVI to Netflix needs to restart to get audio. I also have had to restart once because it claimed the AVI files were an invalid format.

Live Plus, 1.04.17

I had the same problem with 1.04.17. Downgraded the firmware to 1.03.49 and the problem disappeared.

There was another thread on this issue (although only 2 of us responded to it).

Netflix - No sound

As noted in that other thread, works fine in a rollback to 1.04_10.

HOw do you “roll back”? Or is the only way to reset to factory then only allow upgrade to 1.04_10?

jchrisdurand wrote:
HOw do you “roll back”? Or is the only way to reset to factory then only allow upgrade to 1.04_10?> * * *

Follow the instructions on the link below. Resetting to factory defaults does not downgrade the firmware.

had this same problem and reset my box to fix it but it came back,

What I eventually did to fix it was check my time and date settings finally and noticed I had set my box to the wrong time zone settings and once I fixed that the volume came back to my netflix videos.

I don’t know if this is a permanent fix as the family is using it at the moment and I can’t see if the problem came back or not but you could check your settings to see if you have the right time zone set on your box as well as DST set or not and see if that fixes the problem.

Looks like the problem has something to do with playon as I had netflix working but as soon as I used playon to play a hulu video of fringe and then went back to netflix to see if it was still working, there was no volume.


I have never have had or used PlayOn and I have the same problem… so It probably isn’t PlayOn specifically.

I have found that if I turn the WD box on and go directly to Netflix, it works. Then, if I use Network Shares to play a video file, then go to Netflix, I get the no sound issue. So I think that it is the fact that we played another video file that is the problem. (PlayOn triggers the problem, but so does just playing an ordinary video file).

Of course, when I downgraded my firmware to 1.03.49, the problem completely disappeared.

Must be some bug in network shares as that is how you access playon I think. I noticed if I turned off playon while the box was off then power it back up and then watch netflix it would start playing with sound again.