No Moviesheet Themes

There are a few custom themes that do not use moviesheets[think Tinwarble and firetix] and plus the original themes.

I know there is one out there to generate .xmls instead of using built in Hub options… one by one.

here is another tool that get is getting some serious updates

v1.0.7 released: WDTVHubGen - Looks up Movies, TV Shows and creates XML for the Hu6

  NoSlack913 has been working really hard, working with other users to fix bugs and make it a good product. So anyone using these themes might want to check out this application.

Actually, my theme doesn’t use moviesheets and although it’s not required, it is designed to use cover boxes with reflections which requires TG to make them.

sorry my mistage, but the app will still work great for the standard themes