No Movie ISO File

I have 3 movies I copied as a ISO and the file is there but when I play it it starts like it is going to then just a black screen I hit play button again and it pops up the bottom progress bar and then goes away. I just tried to copy it in an FOB file and it say disc read error and these are brand new DVds. Am I possibly having a codec problem LIke I said 3 DVD so far the rest of my collection has worked great. Any Ideas?


Nope, no CODEC problems related to DVDs.   

If you’re trying to do things like re-sizing the DVD, or stripping portions of it, or whatever, that can lead to problems.

Does the ISO file or VOBs play fine on your PC?   If not, it’s a ripping problem.   If so, we’ll have to think of something else.

How would I play that file on my puter what program would I need I have not tried that so as long as I can know how I can do it on puter I can go further


Sorry No resizing or compressing infact I redid an ISO in full disc and same with VOB this would incled all the garbage as special fetures and evrything the second time

Windows Media Player will play VOBs.  

You can find software on the 'net to mount ISOs, and it should be recognized as a DVD, and your computer’s DVD software will play it.