No movie covers

Anyone else having problems the last day or two with movie covers not downloading,info comes through fine just no covers.
Tried factory rest no joy,am running latest firmware.
Thanks in advance for any help

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What has changed since the last time you were able to download covers? A firmware update? A network upgrade?

Me too, maybe its a problem ??


cherrrap wrote:

Me too, maybe its a problem ??


Nope … covers and info downloaded fine for me, both Manual and Auto  (just tested now 10th March 2015 9:45AM GMT+10.00)

but, i have the new WDTV … Latest Firmware 1.02.17

EDIT:  it worked fine on the half a dozen movies i tried …

That’s not helpful. 

hhhh1973 wrote:

That’s not helpful. 

well it’s helpful in the fact that knowing the  is not the problem

There is a problem some movie work fine and others don’t . For example Lucy works but Looper doesn’t. Started late last night. 50/50 chance the movie cover will be found .same on all my devices and all my friends devices. We have WD Live Streaming Device with latest firmware

This is 100% a tmdb issue

Edit: There is no pattern as to what will work and what doesn’t

Ok, i tried Lucy and Looper … and you’re right,  it displays the Lucy poster but not the Looper poster…

If the issue is 100% tmdb fault … explain to me why XBMC/Kodi on my Raspberry Pi grabbed the posters fine without any issues ?

Something changed on the tmdb and I guess other cover grabbers are more versatile. If this happen right after a fireware I would say wd did this but without a fireware nothing wd could do to fix this or break it without said fireware

Or somehow these images are not compatible with the WD but I don’t think so

SMH78 wrote:
Or somehow these images are not compatible with the WD but I don’t think so

the puzzling thing is Lucy and Looper posters are the same resolution on tmdb (1400 x 2100) and both were uploaded by the same person. 

Why would one work and not the other on the wdtv ?   that’s the mystery

ps. what’s “fireware” i think you mean “firmware”

I decided a long time ago to not depend on the internet or internet websites for content. I have all movie trailers, covers, ect. all on my local computer and even if my internet is unavailable I can access all of my movie stuff with no problems. Using WDLXTV firmware and a 64 Gb thumbdrive, I avoid these issues.  

Still not working I wonder if the issue has something to so with this

Edit- this is on the TMDB site and they know about the issue

Glad its not something i did…lol,using thumbgen till its fixed,works fairly well.