No more wired connections after install of mycloud?


I have just bought a 3TB MyCloud. 

The installation doesn’t go as smoothly as I thought : it needs to get attached to the modem and not to a router (which is attached directly to the modem with a network cable). If attached to the router, the install program can’t find the drive.

Ok, I can still live with that.

But now the drive is attached directly to the modem, I have no more internet access with my computers that are connected via cable ! Only a wifi access is possible. Why does the MyCloud block all other cable ports ? I deconnect the MyCloud, and I have my wired access back. I plug in the MyCloud and … you guessed it, no more internet access accept via wifi (on the same cable modem).

I have tried to change the dhcp settings to a manual setting, but the result is the same.

How can I get my normal access via networkcable and router back ?

If I understand what you’re saying, your network is all screwed up / miswired.

If I read you correctly, 

Your WIRED components are connected to a Router, which is then connected to your cable modem via the Router’s WAN (Internet) port.

Your WIRELESS devices are connected via WiFi to the Cable Modem, not the router.

That’s just not going to work!

You need to have everything on the SAME NETWORK.    Either connect everything to your ROUTER (INCLUDING the Wireless), or get rid of the router and connect everything to the modem.

The reason you’re losing network access is probably because your cable modem doesn’t allow multiple devices on the WAN.

Ok, setup is as follows : modem with 4 ports. I’m using 1 to go to my 4-port hub/router which is on the second floor. On my hub I plug in 3 pc. The modem (downstaires) has a wifi option, luckily, or I wouldn’t be answering right now.

The reason for the wired connection via router is that wifi is slooooooowwww. As in Very Slow compared to a wired connection. So I realy realy realy would like to keep my wired solution.

On the hub there is another pc that I use as a linux server. And another pc that my son uses. Both work like a charm in that wired setup. My linux server is accessible even via DynDNS and via my local 192.168.0.x internal network.

So now I had to connect the MyCloud to a second port of the modem downstaires. Because it doesn’t show up if I connect it to the hub. I hope you are still following me here…

The modem is one from the cable company, so I can’t change that one.

Any hints ?


Did you dowload the setup software in first? If you folow the procedure, it should work fine with your WD disk connect to your router.

So, it looks like this?


What I’m telling you is that if you’re connecting the Router’s WAN (Internet) port to the MODEM, then that is an invalid topoligy.

You need to connect one of the Router’s LAN ports to the modem.

My guess is that your WiFi and your Router’s LAN are on different subnets.