No more sync after software update

Today received update of WD Discovery. Now no more sync happening. No more right button context menue. All folder received a .stignore file. What happend? WIN10

@TripleU macOS or Windows and what version?
Have you rebooted the computer?
If macOS, please reference

I am on Windows 10, not macOS. And I have rebootet everything. MyCloud Home, Computer.

I have the same issue.

Just got the update of WD Discovery: 3.2.256, My cloud Desktop:, my laptop is running windows 10 version 1809, when right-click a folder, there’s no [Sync to My Cloud] context menu any more.

me too, option to sync missing though it still is syncing

Win 10 4TB MCH

Thanks for reporting the issue.
Please open a support case with us if you haven’t already.

Thanks. Case already opened. Western Digital Case Number #120118-13432610

Have you also lost the ‘check’ icons in Explorer?

I thought that mine was no longer syncing, but after checking the files the sync feature appears to still be operating in the background, just with no obvious acknowledgment.


Thanks for reporting the issue with Sync contecxt menu.
We’ve identified the issue and working on a fix.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

It seems that there is the same issue on macOS. Did you identify it there too?

@AustinForest there’s an existing KBA for macOS. The issue reported in this thread is related to Windows 10 and the new released of WD Discovery 3.2 and Desktop app. Please confirm which issue you have on macOS.

but the issue is not only with the context menu missing, the sync stopped, is that a side effect or separate/connected issue that will also be solved

any updates on when patch/fix will be released?

Same issue here. On W10 no context menu sync options and sync seems to have stalled also. At least WD acknowledge there is an issue and are working on a fix. As soon as possible please…

Any updates on when the fix will be released?

The update to My Cloud Desktop App v2.1.0.209 should be rolling out today.

  • Open WD Discovery
  • Click the “Gear” icon
  • Click “Resources and More”
  • Click Update


I have updated to this version and now MyCloud is acting erratic. It has stalled during the syncing process and is no longer syncing. I have even rebooted the MyCloud and it doesn’t seem to help any. It shows that half of the files are synced and the other half is not. There does not seem to be anything updating or syncing at all.

Update seems yet to be triggered only if Discovery is set to English.

any luck? im still having problems with no more sync!!

btw, in every new folder created and set to sync, appears a “.stfolder” and a “.stingnore”

Any idea?

@AugustoGeovanny Check your versions.
The .files are there becuase you have Windows View Hideen Files Enabled



thats what i have :slight_smile: