No more network on my WD TV Live

Doesn’t recognize my network anymore !!!
It sees my router.
Even my chromecast is working !
Win 8.1
Thanks for help.

reboot everything involved.

I reboot 2 times all my machines and it’s only 1 hour later that it found
my IP address. I am confused !!!

I hope you rebooted (in this order) your modem, router, any NAS, any PC and drives in loop, then your WDTV.

It let me down once more.
I had my IP address for my connexion but I waited 30 seconds before
connecting. Then, all my addresses came to 00000.

Is it possible That my Chromecast is intefering? Before I had Chromecast,
I never had that problem.

Thanks for your help.

My Chromecast doesn’t, but there is one way to find out for sure: disconnect your Chromcast for a while and see it all improves. :smiley:

just a thought… anything to do with IPv6?

No never touched that app