No more access to My Book WD5000P032


How can I recover the access to my external drive WD5000P032 connected to Windows XP ?

It’s no more detected, by firewire or USB.

What have you tried so far? Did you change the USB cable? Does it work in another computer? Is it as least detected within Windows Disk Management?

There is no detection at all, by USB or firewire, tested on 2 computers.

The Disk managers of Win XP, and Vista on the 2nd computer, don’t see it.

Maybe I should re-install a driver ? But wich one ?

“WD5000P032” does not have a valid driver in WD’s database. Does the hard drive have another product or model number near its barcode (But not the serial number)?

All I see

above the barecode : 0508A

below the barecode : S/N:[[DELETED]]