No Media Servers seen

I just replaced a Live Plus with a Live Hub. The Plus originally could see my PCs as Media Severs, but suddenly stopped for some unknown reason. The Hub does not see them at all. I can still access my media via Network Shares, but I’d prefer the device see my PCs as media Servers, especially my desktop since I use it as a Windows Media Center server and not much else. Any ideas?

Do you use Windows Vista or Windows 7?

There’s an extra setting to allow or block access to your media.

One way to change these settings is:
(It could be the menus are named slightly different. I have translated this back to English, as my OS isn’t)

  • start windows media player
  • click “Options…” in the “Extra” menu
  • choose the “Media Library Tab”
  • click the “Configure shares…” button
  • choose your device and allow it access to your media

Sometimes, my media servers won’t appear if i have a firewall on.

I’m using Windows 7, 64-bit on the desktop, 32-bit on the laptop. I just can’t figure out why they showed up as Media Servers one minute and not again since. I remember seeing them both as Media Servers in the network settings because they have a different icon. I did finally get the Hub to finish indexing folders (the light was blinking for hours), but it only found folders with video in them. It did not find my music or photo folders. I’ll try the Media Player suggestion and see if that works.