No Media on Local drive

I have a 2TB drive that I have been using for a few months, over the last 2 weeks it has been a pain, the files are not seen on power up. If I connect the drive to my PC and scan it, it will work with the WDLIVE (even though the scan sees no problems!) if I power down the drive is not seen again on power up (but its always fine if I scan and then connect) Could this be a problem with the space on the drive (it has 230GB at the moment)

I turned off indexing on my PC and a few files showed problems (a .thumb that I can’t delete and an .XML the names are too long)

I have deleted the WD folder, no change.

Any ideas? please

You may try reformatting the drive. Before doing it make sure to transfer to another location any file you need to keep from it.  You may also run an Extended Test using DLG.

2TB - 230GB = an awful lot of files and hours of transferring, even if I had somewhere big enough!!

I was hoping for some practical help, not the blindingly obvious

Well I tried to delete all files that showed less disk size than file size, still no show after power on. I deleted all the visible and hidden files and the drive was reported as 1.76TB space of 1.81TB! and still would not work after a power down and back on.

I have now re-formatted and it worked but I am loading files a few hundred GB at a time and testing, in case I have a nasty file in there somehwere.