"No media in this folder", wanna make a bet?

Howdy folks, I have a very peculiar problem with my WDTV live.

I have a particular PC that’s running Windows 7 x64 SP1, it’s build is only 3 days old, it’s got everything setup and working, on the net, sharing folders that every PC can see (everyone permissions). HOWEVER, my WDTV live is reporting “no media in this folder” when it browses to the PC in question. I"m confused.

I’ve run through the general suggestions here, unsharing and resharing, reboot pc, change the registry settings in the currentcontrolset and the ssm manager one. Nothing works. My permissions are correct, every PC in my work group can see these shares and access them (through the networks tool AND through the net view command), only the WDTV is not finding folders when it browses to this PC. I don’t even have Windows Live essentials installed! What is the cause, what could I have missed?

This PC has had problems with the WDTV live in the past, in it’s identical configuration before the rebuild (only difference was a non-ssd drive for system), it was able to send files to the WDTV for about half an hour after a reboot, and after that hte WDTV would lose all connectivity to it and keep pestering for a username and password, rejecting everything including the local and network admin accounts. Now it’s pulling this “no media in folder” **bleep** since the rebuild. I’m at my wits end on this thing. It’s a month old and it’s never reliably talked to this PC before.

Just an indication of my household network setup. I’m using a Dlink DSL-504T as a DSL modem/router and all the PCs in my house connect via 802.11n on a Linksys E4200 (including the WDTV). Only one PC out of 6 and 4 laptops gets this problem with the media streamer. What the **bleep** could a default build of windows do that could mess this up? Every PC has the same Windows 7 version, all up to date and most have the same software (by that i mean others have more, this new build PC only has the basics like office).

I should add the windows firewall is OFF. And it’s running the last currently released version of firmware (a family member hit it without realizing what exactly the update was doing. I’ve got no idea how to roll it back).