No media in the current folder


I’m having a problem getting my Playlists to play on my WD.  For some reason it says “no media in the current folder”.  This happens for only some of my playlists and not others.  Also, on some of the playlists, not all of the songs are listed as they are on my computer.   All the playlists work fine on my computer.   All of the songs are present if I search through the Genre and accessible through the WD.   Its just the playlists that are the problem.  They are also in the same location.

Hope someone can help.


It would help to track down the problem if you posted the contents of some of these playlists that are not working.

Most playlist problems are because of incorrect media file paths. Just because they work on your computer is not relevant.

Use Playlist Creator and set the playlist option to ‘relative’


Thanks for your reply.  Here is a list of the contents of one playlist.  None of the songs from this playlist work.  I’m not sure how this works or if by posting this info I have done what you suggested. 

I don’t understand why when I enque a playlist onto my winamp on my computer it works, but when I try to play it with the WD, it doesn’t.  Aren’t they the same path?

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You posted the right information and it would explain your problem.

All of the media file paths are Windows paths releative to 3 or 4 directories higher. They need to be recoded as Linux file paths relative to where the files are stored. The WDTV Live does not know anything about the directory structure on your computer.

When a playlist is in the same directory as the media files, then the usual format for the linux filenames is-

./filename.mp3. Just filename.mp3 may also work but I have not tried this.

It is important to understand that playlists created on your computer cannot always be played on the WDTV Live as the filepaths are not in the correct format or have incorrect directory paths.

 As RichUK has pointed out there are tools out there to fix this problem.