No media in shared folder

i have just updated to the new 1.24 firmware and now my media folder shows up in network shares but says there is no media in the folder. i’ve tried moving video file to various other drives and partitions to no avail. the problem is only on my network, the attached usb drive works perfectly. is there any way to reverse the flash to the previous version which worked fine?

Try resetting the WDTV. It may need to reconfigure its self after the firmware update.

yes i’ve reset to factory fdefaults twice now and re-setup the machine. the problem remains that i can see my folders on network shares but the wd says theres nothing in them. if i move a file to the users/video dir in windows the player sees it through media server no problem but nothing works through network shares. i have changed nothing on my pc and everything worked ok before the update. is there any way i can revert to the previous firmware as that worked fine?