No Media Files on External Hard Drive, even though there are

I often plug and unplug my external 2TB hard drive to add more files (as the device isn’t always seen on the network by windows), via the rear USB

It always takes a long time to compile, but I can usually see the folders.

This time it sees the USB device name in the list (alongside a memory stick in the front and my ReadyNas)

However it says there are no media files on the 2TB drive and won’t browse into it.

30 mins later, whilst playing a movie from the front USB, I finally connect via Windows and can only see the front USB.

Any ideas?


You EJECT it before you unplug it, right?

Eject from the WDTV, or from the Windows 7?

I didn’t know you could eject from the WDTV, so just turn it off.

Ok edit, I didn’t eject from the Win7, but found that it as a hidden icon, so will do for the future.

HDD still fine though luckily (from Win7 point of view)

compact101 wrote:

I didn’t know you could eject from the WDTV, so just turn it off.

Yeah, that’s what the EJECT button on the remote control is for.   :wink:


This has happened to me once when we had a grid power outage.

Click on video, Find the name of your 2TB drive that is above or below the USB  in the menu, use “up or down” buttons to select the 2TB, use “option” button and delete the drive from the menu.  (I feel almot sure that it is the “option” button you want, but I know you need to delete it from the menu and re-mount the drive.)

Re-mount your 2TB drive and allow it to “spin up” and it’s files will be recognized.  

Always Eject drives from the WD or any computer you plug it into.

Have fun, See Ya, Bye


Sorry I did not mean to reply to you…!!!  I’m bad…

It was ment for "Compact101"


Here is a better explanation. I may have confused you with the last one.

Select Videos from your home screen.

Select the drive that you are having trouble with. Do NOT click OK.

Select the Option button on your remote.

Arrow down to Edit.

Select Delete.

Go back out to Menu.

Remount the drive you are having trouble with.

Sorry for the confusion.
You should be good to go.

Hi guys,

I’ve been having some issues with my WDTV today.  I have it set up with a Hard Drive connected and with internet access.  The harddrive I use is always taken away and plugged  to update and it’s only a 750gb.  Today, i wanted to watch a few movies and pluged it in, went to video, 4 files all containing different file came up, I selected the movie folder, then I waited.  Then the movies all started loading, then it freezes.  i start again, but this time it just “compiling” and seems to take forever to load, eventually it say there’s nothing in the folder and do I want to try AGAIN…  If I use a flash drive it seems to work ok.  is 750gb to much for this WDTV?  I’m currently sitting on the firmware upgrade due to the isssues people have had.  I did upgrade but rolled back.

my hard drive works fine on an older WD i use in the house

Ideas? thoughts?

i’ve connected a 4TB WD Drive (about 3TB of media on it) to the WDTV [Firmware 1.02.17]  without any issues

advice when using USB Connected Storage … always “Eject” the USB HDD  (press the “Eject” button on the Remote Control)

If you are having any issues with the HDD … the first thing to do

Connect the USB to your PC and run a chkdsk … after doing so, “Safely” remove the drive and try again on the WDTV

example: running chkdsk command line on Win7

Thanks for the replies.

The Eject button has sorted it.