'no media content' message


I have a WD TV Live, Windows7 PC with shared folders, wired connection.

I have two issues, looking for a solution:

  1. The ‘get content info’ disappeared.

In Videos / Options I had the ‘get content info’ option which I used for some movies already, but 2 days ago 

this option is simply not showing up anymore. The others (‘move’, ‘delete’, etc) are still there, but the ‘get content info’ not showing up anymore.

  1. For the second day in a row I have the following issue:

I turn on the WD TV, going in Videos - getting the message ‘there is no media content’ there.

Previous day I switched off it was working, next day switch on comes this message…

Only solution I’ve found to reset to factory defaults and setup again from the beginning - than it works again, but its very irritating to be honest to reset each day even if the setup is really smooth…

Regarding this second issue as I see it in the forum it happens with other people as well, and there is no really solution for this…?

Thank you 

Regardong issue #2:  it sounds like it could be this issue and solution described here:


Seems yes…thanks…so its W7 related as I thounght somehow…

I think for issue1 I’ll open a separate topic as the title is misleading for that