No matter what movie we select it plays the same movie

Hi everyone,

My friend has a WD Live with hard drive.

I put some of my dvd’s on the hard drive in a different folder, all up around 15 different ones, all kids movies.

When they select any movie they get the menu of the same movie no matter what they select out of the 15 different ones.

Initially they deleted the problem one and could watch whatever they wanted.

Now, they have the same problem with another movie, no matter which one they select, there is the exact same movie that will play.

These are dvd vob files, but are still unable to select any other movie despite it showing in plain english it is a different movie.

I have been through the options and cannot see why this would happen.

First thing I thought of was the kids had copied the same movie over the top of every single one but this was not the case at least the first time. They deleted the offending movie and all was sweet until now, when the other movie seems to be the only one that plays.

He has around 5 folders with various AVI’s and other dvd formats but does not have any issue, just this folder.

My next thought was to plug my laptop into the hard drive to make sure the movies have not been copied over but the names have not changed.

I have done a search through the database and cant find anything similar to this.

Any ideas, apologies if this is a simple setting.

Hope this was the right section to post it in too…!!

Yeah, this bug has been discussed before.

The only viable workaround I know if is to use ISOs instead of VOBs.

Thanks heaps, I will try this.

There is a probably a problem with the software you use to create your Video_TS folder with all VOB, IFO, and BUF files in it.

I had the same problem. I was able to preview each vob file in the preview window; however, when I chose it, it bounced to the first vob file and never went further (looking that there is only one VOB file, even if I had 10 VOB files in that folder.)

The solution that worked for me is here:​elete_dvd_menu_buttons_with_pgcedit.cfm

Download PGCEdit software, unzip it ( free 7-ZIip is great for it), and run it. Chose “Open DVD” and search for the Video-TS folder.

When I navigated to the Video_TS folder and confirmed its opening, the error message popped up:

PGC Edit: Open DVD

There is no First-Play PGC in your VMG! (The First-Play PGC start byt value is 0) A new blank First-Play PGC will be created.  OK?

I confirmed by clicking on OK, and I saved it (using “save now” in Option tab.) When I attempted to close the PGCEdit, I was asked to confirm changes. I agreed. And after that, when I click on any VOB file, it started play from the beginning, and I was able to pull “Menu” from Option.

So, it looks that software for backing up home-made DVDs did not do a great job or there is something that WD forgot to implement to its firmware to fully support vob files.

(I used free DVDSmith Movie BackUp to back up my own DVD movies recorded on stand-alone dvd recorders, e.g. Panasonic, Pioneer, Toshiba.) While my other media players (Iomega ScreenPlay TV Link Director and even Sony Blu-ray BDP-S580 can handle some VOB files not playable on WD Hub), WD TV Live Hub did not show Menu for DVD until I used PGCEdit to fix it.

I think there is something non-standard in home-made DVDs produced by stand-alone dvd recorders. I remember that I wanted to create ISO file (Disc image) using Cyberlink DVD Suite Deluxe, and it did not even get me a choice to save it in ISO format.