No Manual RAID rebuild option

The RAID for my EX4 is in critical condition. I’ve replaced the drive, but it won’t automatically rebuild the RAID. I turned off the auto-rebuild option so I could manually rebuild it, but I don’t get an Manual Rebuild button. Is there another way to manually rebuild the RAID?



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@rosede, Please refer o this link for manual RAID Rebuild on My Cloud Network Attached Storage Device: How to perform a Manual RAID Rebuild on a Western Digital My Cloud Network Attached Storage Device

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Yes, I’ve read that document, but I don’t have a “Manual Rebuild” button as the doc shows.


I finally ended up blowing away the entire NAS and rebuilding it. I saved off the configuration and backed up all contents, then I reset it to factory and created a new RAID 5 configuration. Time consuming, but that was the only way that I could get the RAID back to normal. Auto-rebuild wasn’t working and there was not manual rebuild option, so I need to rip it all apart and redo it.


Just a guess - as I have not had the ( no manual button problem )

but I have rebuild on the EX- PR and DL NAS devices BUT only OS3

and did set up a EX2 ultra on OS5 but no rebuild.

The Format and any extra partition on a new inserted disk may be the problem on OS5.
I know other NAS system have a long list of what will work .

I have to double check my spare NAS disks before using as they may last were used on a Win-10 system Mac or unix)

a FULL install re-build may be able to re-do old formatted disk to what is needed.