No luck uninstalling Plex from DL2100


When I click the uninstall button on dashboard to remove Plex, the NAS shows it is Updating, but the darn Plex app is not uninstalled; it remains on NAS and still works. I want to remove Plex because there are dup music albums in database, so once Plex is removed along with its data, I can reinstall again without the dups.

Anyone have any ideas??

Cannot uninstall PLEX from my WD NAS

I just started playing with Plex again today I have dupes in photos, I am hoping the scan I set to hourly will fix it


found this


Thanks for responding to my shout out for help so quickly.

Like many things turn out to be, it was a self-inflicted wound. I update my music folder (it’s a copy of my iTunes Media folder) on my NAS periodically, I manually update it as I add music, and twice a year, I delete it from the NAS and just in case I overlooked any manual updates, and I put a fresh copy of the current iTunes Media folder in it’s place. Today I did this, but neglected to delete the old folder from the NAS. Bingo! I had dups of just about all in Plex since Plex was now scanning both folders!

So, hours later when I realized I had screwed up, I fixed the problem and all is well again…

Nevertheless, real glad you found the WD doc, because someday I just may have to totally reset Plex, and I have bookmarked the link

Real late here now, but I want to write back and discuss Plex a little more with ya and your photo issue, etc, since I have recently gotten more interested in actually using it, too, even though I have had it installed for a few years.

Later, Mike


Well you are correct, I did have actual dupes 
I am piddling with live tv and my hdhomerun again. Plex may stream tv from afar as well as chromecast


Well, even though I did not suggest you had actual dups on your server, I thought you might and was going to suggest so.

It is rather easy to put dups on the My Cloud, if you do as I have done. I use MC app to upload new camera roll files to the NAS. After they are uploaded I move all files from upload folder into their permanent folders. Next time I only upload what is new from both iPhone and iPad. I could have some same files on both; especially if I got photo via an email, because I may have saved file on both devices inadvertently, and when I upload from both iPhone and tablet I now have created a dup on server.

What encouraged you to use Plex again? As for me, I discovered the iOS app for Plex and started using it to listen to music/watch mp4 videos, locally. This can all be done via the Safari browser; too, even remotely, and all for free.

Very recently, I have been using Plex, along with commands to Alexa (aka “Plexa”) to ask Plex to play music/movie to a Roku or FireTV stick. Having success with Roku, and less so with FireTV. An example of a command would be, “Alexa, ask Plex to shuffle Paul Simon to Roku.” and a random selection of Paul Simon songs (stored on the NAS) begin playing on the Roku app for Plex. A rather cool capability of the apps working together.


so I thought I would try alexa
my server say’s remote access is not enabled
I manually forwarded port 32400 to the dl4100
I even added the port in the dl port forwarding
Plex still shows remote access as broken?
Any ideas?


set the dl to a static ip and making progress


Maybe you are trying to “hack” this into working instead of following some directions. :wink:

First of all, undo your tweaks to port forwarding and what ever else you did.
Secondly, you need either a Roku or a FireTV. I recommend a Roku, as I could only get one (of two) FireTVs to work right.Roku works fine.

OK, I will use a Roku as my example. So, you need the devices to both have the Plex APP installed on them. and set them to display the Plex app on TV.
You should be able to play onto TV from Plex app using the (Roku) remote
So, to get Alexa to join the party, you need to install the Plex SKILL in your Alexa mobile APP

OK, once skill is installed, you need to give Amazon permission to access your Plex account, and then you will be asked to enable Plex remote access

About now you should ask Alexa to Open Plex. It will ask you to select a primary player. You will be given some choices and one should be the name of your Roku., and hopefully you will be told it is. Now, tell Alexa to “ask Plex to play the Beatles (or whatever) ON THE ROKU.” Important, because although Roku is primary player, Plex still needs to be told where to play it. Also, ask Plex to play a certain movie.

If I did not leave anything out and you followed these directions you should be in business. Let me know what went wrong.

I got these directions from googling and a LOT of trial and error.


my problem was enabling remote access. It works now. Just curious does your DL have a static ip?

The commands seem to be less tha intuitive but some work. So yes, I have a learning curve. I have no music, just photos and movies. Just now adding the homerun tuner.

For music I prefer to cast YouTube music videos. Sound and pictures :slight_smile:


What device did you use – a Roku or FireTV?

Did my directions help?


Once I got remote access working the Alexa went fine. I have not tried my fire TV yet, just using the fire tablet


Oh, I have not tried my iPad or Fire TV tablet. Guess it would work. I do have remote access set up on iOS and can use Plex through browser, but not via alexa voice command