No longer recognizes external HD

I’ve seen a few posts on this topic where the WD TV Live no longer shows the contents to the networked PCs attached. I had the same problem for weeks. I tried to reset WDTV Live, reset the router, checked the HD for errors, deleted the WDTV live index files, etc… nothing worked but the attached HDD would still read by the WD TV Live when plugged in however none of the other PCs could see the drives attached to WDTV Live. Basically, the PC would connect to WDTV Live but nothing appeared in the browser screen. Strange enough but the Mac could see the HDD folders attched to the WDTV Live which really puzzled me.

I upgraded from my old Bell 2wire G router yesterday to a Linksys E4200 and everything is working well and all the PCs are now seeing the files and folders on the HDD attached to the WDTV Live. I thought I would post this for others who may have had a similar problem, may look at the router as being the root cause. I also had a WDTV Live Plus on a second TV in the house which worked in both network configurations with no issues displaying the content of the HDD and therefore I never suspected the router.

what happens on my 2wire 3800HGV is I cant see anything from PC TO PC but can see it with Android devices. Then on occasion the hub will show me the lives attached drive when i’ve told the PC I want to see the hub’s drive.

Really gets screwey around here sometimes. I have allways felt the 2wire was the problem but I’m stuck as it’s a AT&T U-Verse system.

I still use the 2wire but in bridge mode. It’s only a simple DSL modem - Ethernet now. I’ve a more up-to-date router behind it which manages all my local traffic which seems to have solved all my issues.