No longer passes surround sound through to Pioneer SC-27 Receiver

  I have a Buffalo Hard drive connected to the WD Live. The WD Live is connected to the Pioneer.  The Pioneer is connected to the t.v. The USB drive has  movies ripped to h.264.

Last week it passed the surround sound through to the Pioneer.

Not this week.  Set the settings to “HDMI pass through”.

Tried all settings, no luck!

Any ideas?


You may try a reset, by holding the WD TV reset button for 4 seconds.  If you recently updated the firmware you may try a roll back.

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  Hey Vadir,

Tried the reset. No luck.  When I go to “Settings”>“Audio Video”>“HDMI Digital Pass through”.

When I select the "HDMI Digital Pass through it claims “Not supported by TV”.

It is not hooked to the tv! It is hooked to the stereo.  I think that is the problem. It won;t switch the audio through the HDMI. My firmware is 1.06.16_B.

Should I revert?

  Hey Vadir,

Reverted to previous firmware and all is good!  It accepts the “HDMI digital pass through” on old firmware.