No longer connecting at gigabit speed

Any ideas why mycloud would have stopped connecting to my BT Smarthub at gigabit connection speeds ? I have restarted both devices.

How are you determining the My Cloud is no longer connecting at Gigabit speed?

Have you tired replacing the cable between the My Cloud and the BT Smarthub?

Have you checked the BT Smarthub’s administration page to see if it has a setting that controls the port speed of the networking ports? If so its possible that somehow got changed.

Looked through the BT router admin couldn’t find any option for Ethernet port connection rates, although BT event log says it’s connecting @ 1000 so I assume that it is a gigiabit connection and I’m getting bottle necked somewhere else.
I’m just abit confused how my initial wifi AC connection was hitting speeds of 30-50MBps and now won’t break 15MBs.
Also my read speeds are slower than my write speeds … very confusing :stuck_out_tongue:

Try, if you haven’t already, testing with all other wifi devices disconnected from the wifi and see if the speed is still low. Also if you live in an area with a lot of wifi signals try changing the router’s wifi channel to see if that improves anything.

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Ok worked out that I had to seperate my SSID’s ( took me long enough )… wifi card now connecting at 866.7Mbps rather than the 173.3 it was… getting write speeds of around 50MBps ( copying to mycloud ) again … but only 25’ish MBps read (copying from mycloud ) ?